System for modulation of intraocular pressure

At Imedos, we recognized the important role of increased retinal venous pressure in the development of eye diseases early on with our own product line for ophthalmodynamometry.

An innovative device for ophthalmodynamometry

  • Determination of increased retinal venous pressure
  • Stimulation or provocation of the microcirculation for functional diagnosis of the autoregulation of the retinal vessels.

 Increased retinal venous pressure is a clinically relevant factor in half of all glaucoma patients 

The prevailing clinical view that retinal venous pressure is equivalent to intraocular pressure is refuted by the current state of science. Especially in glaucoma patients, but also in patients with vascular occlusion or diabetic retinopathy, it has been shown that compared to intraocular pressure, elevated retinal venous pressure is clinically relevant. Until now, retinal venous pressure was largely ignored in diagnosis because no suitable measurement technology was available.

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