Imedos technology

The eye offers the unique possibility of observing and examining the smallest vessels of the human body in a non-invasive and contactless manner. As a »mirror image« for vascular changes in the entire body, the analysis of the retina, known as retinal vessel analysis, provides information about the general microvascular health of patients and allows important conclusions to be drawn regarding various systemic and organ diseases.

Imedos stands for microvascular health

For more than 20 years, we have been developing and selling innovative medical devices and systems for retinal vessel analysis with the aim of protecting and improving the microvascular health of patients worldwide.

Based on the method of static or dynamic vessel analysis, Imedos technology offers a unique and non-invasive (optical) approach to the microcirculation of patients. Thanks to this outstanding technology, changes in the retinal vessels, their function and regulation can be made visible, analysed and observed.

Future preventive medicine

In the past, the method of retinal vessel analysis has been mainly used by ophthalmologists and cardiologists to analyse ocular blood flow and possible eye diseases in patients (such as glaucoma), or to assess and evaluate the individual risk for cardiovascular diseases and events (such as heart attacks or strokes).

However, recent studies demonstrate the great potential of retinal vessel analysis as a future screening method in clinical routine for early detection and follow-up of microvascular changes. This not only leads to new approaches to preventive medicine, but also to an ever-widening application in clinical and research settings.