Methodology of retinal vessel analysis

Retinal vessel analysis examines the condition and function of retinal vessels and their autoregulation based on measurements of vessel diameters along the vessels and with respect to time. Depending on the method, vessel parameters are calculated from the vessel diameters, which are suitable as »tissue biomarkers« for research, diagnostics and therapy monitoring. The vessel diameters are determined using digital images of the fundus of the eye.

Algorithms of vessel analysis access the digitised image. They detect and correct eye movements between the images of an image sequence, search for the vascular sections to be analysed and evaluate the brightness profiles across the vessel at a distance of about 10 µm. Furthermore, intelligent algorithms determine the vascular edges from the brightness profiles, correct the deviations of the brightness profile from the vertical position to the vessel and calculate the vascular diameter between the opposite vascular edges.

The vascular diameter determined is the diameter of the erythrocyte flow column, which is visible to the doctor as a vessel in the red-free image from the back of the eye.

Various testing methods

Retinal vessel analysis includes static and dynamic vessel analysis:

First reference book on retinal vessel analysis

Retinal vessel analysis describes an innovative diagnostic approach that has proven to be revolutionary, especially in the interdisciplinary field of preventive medicine. Together with Prof. Dr Henner Hanssen and eight other scientists, Dr. Walthard Vilser, Managing Director of Imedos Systems GmbH, has written the first reference book on the subject of »retinal vessel analysis«. In addition to methodology, the book also presents fields of application, e.g. from ophthalmology and cardiology, as well as current research results.

Retinal vessel analysis – a new method of diagnostics and risk prediction
New reference book on retinal vessel analysis

Published by UNI-MED Verlag (ISBN 978–3–9374–1576–6), the work comprises 63 pages and can be purchased for €29.80. You can order the book from Imedos Health directly or via the publishing website. The reference book has initially been published in English, but plans for German and Chinese editions are underway.