Cardiometabolic Prevention

The aim of cardiometabolic prevention is to prevent or at least delay the development and manifestation of vascular changes and diseases at a very early stage. This corresponds to the concept of EVA (early vascular ageing) and ADAM (aggressive decrease of atherosclerosis modifiers).

The parameters of retinal vessel analysis offer new possibilities to extend this concept to include microcirculation as well as put the microvascular parameters into the context of established macrovascular gold standards such as flow mediated dilation, intima-media thickness, pulse wave velocity etc.

The microvascular risk parameters represent an additional benefit in cardiovascular risk stratification, primarily for women. Recording retinal microvascular vessel parameters as early as in early childhood is preferable, since vascular ageing begins at a young age. Studies show that even in children, first changes in microvascular parameters can be detected with the methods of retinal vessel analysis.

The individual influences of lifestyle changes are also reflected in the parameters of vessel analysis. The parameters of static vessel analysis are of particular importance as they can be determined non-mydriatically, quickly and easily during screening. These parameters provide indicators of cardiovascular risk. Studies have shown that the individual vascular risk can be reduced significantly by lifestyle changes and preventive measures. The effect of such measures can be easily observed and is highly motivating for the patient.