Retinal vessel analysis examines static and dynamic vessel parameters which both quantify the stationary vascular condition and function of microcirculation and represent well validated cardiovascular risk indicators.

Systemic changes in the small arteries and veins of the microcirculation and their regulation occur in a similar form in many organs, including the kidneys.

A large number of scientific publications present the associations between changes in retinal vessel, arterial hypertension and renal changes. Furthermore, study results showing that the venous dysregulation of retinal vessels is an important predictor for the mortality of patients that suffer from chronic renal insufficiency (final stage), constitute very strong evidence for the informative value of retinal vessel analysis.

The kidneys play an essential role in the development of systemic arterial hypertension. Arterial hypertension, on the other hand, leads to changes in the microcirculation, which can ultimately be investigated by the eye by means of retinal vessel analysis and are presented as end organ damages.