Analysis Software VesselMap

Our innovative analysis software »VesselMap aric« enables static vessel analysis in order to assess and evaluate the condition of retinal vessels. It is available as a standard component of our systems for static vessel analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, programme-guided application
  • Semi-automatic and precise determination of vascular parameters
  • Suitable as screening method and for use in individualized medicine
  • Integrated function for follow-up examinations to significantly improve reproducibility and fully automatic evaluation of subsequent images
  • Patient-related storage of results
  • When used in combination with a non-mydriatic imaging system, no dilation of the pupil is required for the examination

Testing principle

  1. Images from the ocular fundus are taken by using an imaging system.
  2. The fundus image is opened in the software and the papilla is marked. Therefore, a measurement grid is placed on the image.
  3. Subsequently, within this measurement grid (ring zone), all essential arterial and venous vessels are marked manually by selecting and clicking on them.
  4. The software now determines the vessel diameters according to the marked vessels and calculates the static vessel parameters.
  5. The results are presented in a protocol.

The static vessel parameters include:

  • Central retinal arteriolar equivalent (CRAE): arterial model vessel diameter
  • Central retinal venular equivalent (CRVE): venous model vessel diameter
  • Arteriolar-to-venular ratio (AVR): CRAE/​CRVE ratio

Using the follow-up function, steps 2, 3 and 4 are performed automatically.
The recording of the fundus images, determination of the parameters and evaluation of the static vessel parameters are carried out on the basis of the ARIC study.
The vascular parameters are valid biomarkers of the retina and describe the condition of the small arteries and veins of the retinal microcirculation. They can be used as risk factors or prognosis indicators for vascular diseases and events in the eye as well as other organs.

The AVR provides important information on cardiovascular risk. Changes in vascular parameters that occur between the individual examinations provide information on the progression of diseases and therapeutic effects.

Customised solutions – easy integration into existing systems

The analysis software VesselMap aric can also be used with existing imaging systems (fundus camera) and hardware components. For this purpose, the analysis and calculation parameters of the software are adapted to your system and adjusted accordingly. Individual solutions offer you additional benefits, including:

  • Protocol functions individually tailored to your practice
  • Doctor-specific patient database for analysis results
  • Direct network integration
  • Image transfer with different image standards such as Dicom

In order to combine the software with your existing imaging system, the following hardware requirements must be met:

  • Suitable fundus camera
  • Laptop or PC (Windows 10)

Our Customer Service is happy to advise you and check if your existing hardware is compatible with our products. Contact us for more information!!

Additional modules

We offer the following modules for additional application areas:

  • Research Option: For freely selecting vessel sections

Contact us for more information!!