Customer Service

Imedos Systems GmbH is a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative systems for retinal vessel analysis. We offer our customers an extensive customer service tailored to their individual set up and needs. Our team of product experts have vast experience in retinal vessel analysis products and applications and are happy to help with technical questions.

In addition to simple advice on basic functionality, installation and initial setup, we offer full after-sales service including training sessions as well as discussions on advanced applications to ensure your workflows are as effective as possible and you are comfortable operating the systems and device as part of your daily routine.


We are here to help!

Imedos offers various training packages tailored to your individual system purchase and your needs. Whether you have purchased a new system recently and want to get started, would like to train new staff on how to operate our systems and devices or would like to refresh your knowledge on retinal vessel analysis.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive training courses for new starters as well as refresher courses for existing users.
Contact our customer service team:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Phone: +49 3641 6396–0

Technical Support

Our customer service team is also available post-installation for advice, troubleshooting and your questions regarding:

  • Installation & configuration of Imedos products and systems
  • Operating instructions
  • Technical specifications & requirements
  • Updates & upgrades for your systems
    Get in touch and contact our customer service team:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Phone: +49 3641 6396–0

Remote Support

By using the software »TeamViewer«, we offer our customers the option of a remote support session to answer any questions as well as fixing technical problems directly via their PC. Therefore, a member of our customer service team will connect to your computer to analyse the problem with you and provide instant support.

During the session, you will also be on the phone to one of our product experts with the option to ask further questions. In this way, you will also be kept informed about all steps and actions taken. Please contact us to book an appointment for your remote support session.

Important information on Remote Support

Without you starting the software »TeamViewer« and without your explicit consent, our customer service team will not be able to access your PC. Please note that when you start the software, no other third-party programme or remote maintenance software will be installed on your PC. Furthermore, it is not possible to remove data from your PC without you noticing or without your consent. You can end the shared session at any time.

Exclusion of liability

Imedos Systems GmbH assumes no warranty for the programmes installed on your computer and their protective devices. You are solely responsible for your data security, regular backups and an up-to-date virus protection programme.

Imedos does not accept any liability for faults not caused by members of our customer service team, even if these occurred close to when the support was provided.

By downloading and starting the remote support session, you confirm that you accept the online support agreement as well as start the download of the software »TeamViewer QuickSupport«.