Leading Imedos technology

Imedos operates globally. Patents enable us to protect the results of our extensive research and development projects as well as to maintain our decisive pioneering role as a technology leader for innovative medical devices and systems. They also give our products the opportunity to establish themselves in the market.

Imedos Systems GmbH currently holds 46 patents for the regions of Germany, Europe, the US, Japan, China as well as worldwide.

Main areas

  • Apparatus and method for examining vessels
  • Apparatus and method for analysing retinal vessels
  • Method for measuring the diameter of optically accessible blood vessels
  • Method for spectrophotometrically determining the oxygen saturation of the blood in optically accessible blood vessels
  • Imaging method for detecting medically-relevant differences in the structures and properties of an object under examination and the device suitable for this
  • Universal ophthalmological examination apparatus and ophthalmological examination method
  • Apparatus and method for imaging, stimulation, measurement and therapy, with a particular focus on the eye

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