Targeted identification of high-risk individuals for severe progressions of COVID-19

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Imedos Static Vessel Analysis: eye scan enables targeted identification of individuals at risk for severe COVID-19 progression

Despite initial easing of lockdowns and restrictions related to the Corona pandemic, it remains central to identify high-risk individuals in order to protect them from both an infection with the virus as well as possible severe progressions of COVID-19. According to the Robert-Koch-Institute, these risk groups include people with underlying diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and vascular diseases. The systems for static vessel analysis from Imedos Systems GmbH, a leading manufacturer of medical devices, provide important parameters about the individual risk of patients including information on the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and events (e.g. heart attack and stroke).

Cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure and high blood pressure, lead to changes in the condition of the smallest vessels of the human body at a very early stage. These changes can be detected via the retina of the eyes which represents a unique mirror of the entire body. The microcirculation of the retina can be used to draw conclusions about the individual vascular condition, vascular functions and vascular risk factors of each patient. And, as a unique and special characteristic, the individual probability of cardiovascular diseases can be determined even before first symptoms of the disease appear. An important fact in connection with the current Corona pandemic, as patients who contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus are often unaware of their pre-existing conditions and the associated risk.

Designed for use in research and clinical applications, Imedos’ systems for static vessel analysis facilitate the determination of vascular conditions. The examination is carried out on the basis of individual images of the vascular network of the retina. Via a non-invasive and contactless look into the patients’ eye both the diameters of the retinal arteries and veins as well as important static vessel parameters are determined in a quick and precise manner.

»Tight arteries and wide veins are very good and proven predictors for cardiovascular diseases and events,« explains Dr. Walthard Vilser, Managing Director of Imedos Systems GmbH, about the potential of the technology. »Preventive medicine is Imedos’ central concern. Persons who are particularly at risk of coming into contact with COVID-19, such as healthcare professionals, could therefore use the method of static vessel analysis to determine their affiliation with the risk group and, if necessary, better protect themselves from any infection.«

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