New approaches to scientific questions and research projects

Our product portfolio includes various RCrodent systems. Consisting of a powerful non-contact imaging system (fundus camera) and the innovative analysis software, they enable, depending on the system configuration, the performance of color and black-and-white imaging, fluorescence angiography, as well as Static and Dynamic Vessel Analysis.

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Systems for analysis on the animal model

The transparency of the eye allows unobstructed observation of the retina and its blood flow. The treatment of vascular questions is not only widely used in clinical routine and vascular research in human medicine, but also holds great potential for the field of the scientific laboratory.

The RCrodent systems from Imedos have been specially developed for use in the scientific laboratory for retinal imaging and analysis of particularly small eyes, e.g. the eyes of rodents and small animals. Thus, we offer the only commercially available non-contact solution for the animal model in the scientific laboratory.