Imedos Dynamic Analyzer

System for measuring endothelial function

The Imedos Dynamic Analyzer enables with the method of dynamic vessel analysis the examination of microvascular dysfunction (MVD) and thus offers a unique possibility for the early detection of patients’ vascular risk. For this purpose, the microvessels at the retina are recorded and analyzed.

The Imedos Dynamic Analyzer (IDA) is the third generation of the well-known Dynamic Vessel Analyzer (DVA) and was developed especially for the method of dynamic vessel analysis. As a worldwide unique system for the investigation of the function of smallest vessels and their regulatory mechanisms, it is the only device that allows the investigation of the endothelium of microvessels.

Dynamic vascular analysis is used in more than 20 countries for various scientific questions in almost all medical disciplines. More than 750 publications have been produced, providing a broad scientific basis for the method and making it the gold standard in the increasingly important measurement of endothelial function.

Product Brochure Dynamic Vessel Analysis – IDA
Product Brochure Dynamic Vessel Analysis – IDA

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